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Saint George Language School- Sohag is a part of (Egypt Eyes) chain established by his Holiness Pope Tawadros the second. The school aims to serve all the egyptian society with different back ground. We seek to build relationships for good citizenship,respecting and accepting others and preparing a new generation to live in a world that is rapidly changing. Our policy is to develop a high standard of academic excellence and enable students to develop skills and methods that will extend their understanding of science & society. This will be done by intergrating the Egyptian curriculum with modern teaching methods. It will allow the development of the student as a person with resources and skills that will benefit both himself and the whole egyptian community.




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Why St. George's Language School


We seek not only to help our students become critical thinkers, but also to help support them in their emotional social development and to become the best of the world. Individual support that meets the needs of different students, as well as providing support in and out of the classroom, St. George's School considers itself a small community. Faculty members create a close relationship with students, and help create an environment where both academic and personal achievements can be achieved we apply an \"open door\" policy, which provides opportunities for students to communicate with faculty at all times to obtain additional support.


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