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St. George's Language School in Sohag is one of the leading schools in Egypt where our professional faculty strives to enable our students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to be dynamic participants in an ever-changing global community.




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Why St. George's Language School

Our School is fully equipped with air conditioned classrooms,Interactive smart boards, Wi-Fi ,Cameras, Playground ,Gym, Libraries, Computer science lab.- 
- Providing international education quality in a national school-
- Teaching Oxford Curriculum to develop students learning skills-
( Reading- Writing-Speaking-Listening)  Conversation and language art sessions similar to British council  programs to enhance the four skills of the English language  -
- Weekly Quizzes to trace the students' progress in all subjects-
- Teaching math and science following the latest education methodology through using labs-
- We Offer perfect balance between all subjects and activities so your child can learn in all directions, and to discover and develop talents. Activities provided at school will be: Music- art-swimming-basketball-ballet-squash-drama club-science club-English club.
- We do care not only to build but also to improve and strengthen our children mental health to enhance their daily life social relationship and even physical health.
- Character building and human development programs to developed student social skills.

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