Kindergarten Stage

As a kindergarten stage is the very beginning stage in education,we are inSt.George,Language School giving it special intensive care. For us a kindergarten student is a growing flower that needs to be watered and polished as well, In Order to be beautiful one in the big garden fulfilling the big image of the future society not only decorating it. According to our vision in St.George Language School, we will teach our flowers not only the curriculum which is really rich and obviously developed, But we are aiming to teach them how to be self confident,responsible,open minded,problem solving,self dependent, opportunities hunter and goal oriented men and women. How ?? That comes along two years of learning by diffrent methods of learning: * Simulation Events *Presntation Skills *Field Visits *Playful Learning *Role Playing. That's why we hope to cooperate and collaborate with you dear parents in different fields. We are willing to have your confidence and support as well.

In St. George Believe :

  • That education is a lifelong process.
  • That every child is a unique individual with the ability to grow.
  • That all people have equal intrinsic value and should be treated with respect.
  • It is necessary to recruit, develop and retain outstanding staff.
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Neiven Nabeh

Kindergarten stage manager kg1-kg2

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Available from March 2021

We don't just give students the education and experience that prepared them to succeed in education only. We help them succeed in their personal lives to discover the skills they care about and dare to lead their lives.