Caring for students' talents

Talented students need influential teachers who move away from indoctrination, focus on practicality, take advantage of modern technology, seek innovation, innovation and excellence, and enrich the classroom environment, opening up creativity for talented people.

Leadership in Education

Education is the fruit of the development of civilizations, where knowledge cannot develop or be applied without transmission, or it will be lost by the end of civilization or earlier. Therefore, there has been a need for the continued development of this important process in various means and approaches.

Student development

We seek to provide and develop various cultural and social activities for its students in order to enhance their educational and personal development.The Office of Student Affairs continuously works to provide opportunities to develop students leadership and social skills and develop their sense of responsibility.

School News

  • 27 Apr 2021

    Science class

Applying for a school in St. George
Available from August 2021

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